Terms of Service

Commissioners must Read and Agree to the Terms outlined below before Ordering.


Certain types of Ordered Commissions I will and will not do:

Will Do:

  • Comics

  • Action Scenes

  • Story Scenes

  • Mild Gore

  • Mild Erotic Scenes

Will Not Do:

  • Any and all Fetishes

  • Cub/Underage Pornography

  • Heavy Gore/Violence

  • Explicitly Erotic Scenes

  • Political and/or Racist Portrayals

Certain types of characters I will and will not draw for an Order:

Will Do:

  • Original Characters

  • Adopted Characters


  • Anthro

  • Feral

  • Normal Wild/Domestic Animals

  • Fantasy Creatures

  • Hybrids

  • Couples

Will Not Do:

  • Humans

  • Real Life People

  • Avatars

  • Zombie Creatures

  • Gods/Goddesses



I have the right as the Artist to Refuse Orders; they are not First Come, First Serve.  Fill out the Order Form thoroughly and with as much detail as you can.  Make sure if you realize you miss out on details you want accurate in the Artwork you get back to me ASAP before the Order is completed and I start to work on it.  The only time I can accurately fix an error without redoing the image is in the sketch stage, so PLEASE be as accurate and detailed as possible.  It is your responsibility to make sure I can get your character(s) accurate and to your liking.


The Commissioned Artwork must be paid in full via PayPal before I begin your Order.  I do not have a system for Payment Plans yet so this is currently the only option.  No eChecks.  Please have the Funds ready in your account for the Purchasing and confirmation of your Order.


The Commissioned Artwork is for your/the Commissioner's personal use only.  It can be Uploaded to personal galleries, banners, wallpapers, etc as well as Public Sites, such as DA.  It is NOT to be used for Profit.  This means my Artwork should not be shown on anything that is being sold. Proper credit for the Artwork should be noted in the Title or Description of the Artwork; my signature should also never be removed.


As the Commissioner you retain partial rights/ownership to the Commissioned Artwork, being Your characters portrayed and the version you are sent.

 --> *As the Artist and the creator of the Artwork, I retain full Ownership of the created Artwork, and can use it at my discretion; as examples for possible future Commissioners, etc.  If you are Selling the Rights to your Characters AND all Artwork of that Character, you May Not Sell The Artwork to Them For More Than What You Paid Me For the Rights of That Same Artwork I Did For You.

As otherwise stated/shown, you Do Not need to request my acceptance for anything involving the characters you Commissioned Artwork of.
*Only the Artwork you Specifically Ordered From Me cannot be redistributed, sold, etc without talking with me Prior.


The amount Refunded depends on how far I, the Artist, have gotten into creating your Commissioned Artwork.  Refundable Prices also focus on the type of Commission you have ordered. Please be aware of this if you have to Cancel the Order for any reason.
--> *Note that Refunds will not include PayPal Fees, meaning you might receive 3-5% less than the Original Payment you sent, and the amount you Receive for the overall Refunded Price.  Percentages returned via PayPal are based on the amount of money I actually received, meaning: Amount you paid - PayPal Fee = Amount I received.  I base percentages on the final amount.

For Refunds Based on Types of Commissions:
Sketch Commissions:
Not Started = 100% of the Payment
Halfway = 50% of the Payment
Completed = No Refunds

Linearted Commissions:
Not Started: = 100% of the Payment
Sketch = 50% of the Payment
Completed = No Refunds

Colored Commissions
Not Started = 100% of the Payment
Sketch = 50% of the Payment
Lineart = 30% of the Payment
Completed = No Refunds