My Print Shop

If you're not so sure about ordering a Commission and want something that's readily available, then look no further!

This here is my Print Shop! I stock it semi-regularly with new pieces that are able to be purchased at your discretion.
All purchasable artwork you see here is made Traditionally; a mix of Pen, Colored Pencil and Watercolor to be more precise! The Prints are then re-printed onto Rolled Canvas, for added sturdiness.

I sell both Spur-of-the-moment Prints, as well as pieces that tie to a specific Series I focus on. Currently I have three separate Print Series that I run through my Shop, and periodically new pieces are added to them! Once a new Print has been added to a Series, they are Permanent, and will restock periodically as well.
This applies to all Prints in the Shop, for clarification!

The Print Series I Run Are:
~ Reclaimed Nature
~ Beauty of Conservation
~ Attracting Opposites


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