"Mystic Wild Crafts" Shop!

This here is my Etsy Shop!  You can find all of my products, whether they're prints or jewelry here ready for purchase~

The "Theme" I have running for this shop is based off my never-ending love of nature and animals.  More specifically, reptiles and plants!  The jewelry I create will either be reptilian themed, or flora themed with various greens and flowers decorating them.

As for Prints, it runs somewhat the same~
I have three main, self-proclaimed "Series" that I tend to stick to when it comes to prints I create.  It's easier for me to continuously add more Prints for Sale if I already have a planned idea on what I could draw~

One Series is focused on incorporating vulnerable, endangered or, sadly, extinct animals into the artwork, to show awareness of their plights! (This "Series" also has a portion of the proceedings I collect donated to specific Rescue Foundations as well during the year!)

Another is more or less a type of "Reclaimed Nature" idea; old buildings, cars and other manmade things overrun by nature!  It's a simple idea, and in no way is it original, but it's very pleasing for me to create new pieces based off this idea.

The final Series could be considered a "flip side" of yin and yang-portraying animals.  Rather than have mammals and birds showcasing the "yin" side, being bright and friendly and cheery, I have the reptilians being "Yin" and the birds and mammals being "Yang!"  Once again, it was a neat idea that I enjoyed doing, and I jumped on it~

I thank you for your interest in my work, and wish you a great day! Maybe you'll even wind up taking something along with you~

~ Shop is Not Ready Yet! ~