Submitting Forms

Whether you are looking for the Form to Request a Commission or something else entirely, you will find what you are looking for here!

Any Forms that are available to the public are made and sent via Google Forms, because Google is awesome and you can make quite nice forms there~
For the Commission Order Form, the link is right here:

Commission Form:

Feel Free to fill that out if you want a Commission or two!


If you wish to ask me things prior to completing the form, then by all means contact me! I am active on DA, Weasyl, Facebook and Twitter, though you can also simply send me an email right through my Contact Page if you'd like!
If you order a Commission or two, you will receive a confirmation email whether I accepted it or not~ You will then receive a Paypal Invoice with your Completed Order and Payment if your Order was accepted.


*Any And All Forms Will Appear Here On This Page!
Even if they are temporary, you can and WILL find them here; there is no-where else you'll need to look!


Another Note on Commissions:
If you wish to order More Than One Commission, please tell me so I can send you the right amount of forms.

Fill Out One Form For Each Commission!

If/When your Order is accepted, an Invoice will then be sent with all separate Commissions grouped into one Complete Order with the Full Price.

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