Where to Contact Me~

Other than simply sending me an Email, there are quite a few places where I actively document my life, as well as post ALL my art!
As I have previously stated, the platform I'm the most active on when it comes to art is DeviantArt.  But there are other places as well, that I feel would be good to check out if anyone is curious!

For starters, there's my Ko-fi.
I post many WIPS of varying stages there!  You could consider it my "Tip Jar" where supporters can chip in a few dollars if they don't actually want a Commission~

Another platform some of you folks might get some amusement out of is my Twitter!

I regularly showcase the shenanigans of my daily life there, so I can guarantee some entertainment.  That, or simply just stuff to read~

One last place I am sure could be interesting to some folks would be my WordPress Blog!
There, as the name might suggest, my various "brain dribbles" I call creative, random spurts of writing pile up there~  Anything from species info sheets from my Story Universes, to simple writing prompts, it all goes there.

If my varying levels of Shameless Self Promotion aren't quite what you're looking for, and you simply want to message me about something instead, then you can very well do that too~
You can easily send me an Email through the form below!

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