Hello and Welcome!

I'm Dawn Murphy, and this is my Multiverse~

Which, in turn, is also my personal website and portfolio.

I'm 25 years young, and live in the forever hot, sunny state of South Carolina with my parents and extended family known as my Uncle.

I, much like the rest of my family, love nature and animals; subsequently, I have my own pets alongside our family's furry little friends~  All together, we have two dogs and four cats, then my two ferrets, my hamster and my snake.

Believe it or not... This is NOT a lot of animals.  We've had way more than that prior.  We are seasoned crazy animal people~

I, however, have one heck of an imagination.  That plus my family-imbued love of nature have lead to me drawing quite a lot!  Here, my favored art is showcased, as well as ways you can get your own little piece~

A lot of my art is almost solely focused on mythical creatures, at this point.  More specifically, dragons.  I draw lots of dragons~

They are my go-to for artistic inspiration~

I also delve into simply drawing what I see throughout the day, with my own added twist to it.  Anything from flowers and trees to bugs, birds and other insects and animals!

I am constantly drawing things, even if they have no real idea behind them.  You would not believe the sure amount of sketchbooks I have full of sketches, linearts and TONS of random doodles!  Less than half of what I draw actually becomes a finished piece I upload, but I enjoy it all none-the-less~

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